AgMark Mission Statement:

To be the recognized leader in grain marketing, merchandising and logistics solutions for our cooperative and farmer owners, helping them maximize profits through our industry expertise.

 AgMark History & Vision

On May 1, 1999, four grain and farm supply cooperatives in North Central Kansas, Cloud County Cooperative, Concordia; Randall Farmers Cooperative Union, Randall; Delphos Cooperative, Delphos, and Farmway Co-op Inc, Beloit, merged their grain marketing efforts to create AgMark LLC. The management of the four cooperatives had determined that the most strategic move for their business was to create a profitable grain handling system to efficiently and effectively deliver the quality grains produced in this area to North American end users and exporters. The process of utilizing long truck hauls and terminal elevators had become an inefficient movement in the grain supply chain. The key to efficient grain handling in surplus areas is the utilization of the new rail "shuttle loading" elevators much closer to production areas.

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Board of Directors
Mark Paul - Cloud County Coop
 Kristin Allen - Randall Farmers Coop Union
Bruce Williams - Trinity Ag LLC
 Carl Dickinson - Central Valley Ag Coop
Clark Wenger - Ottawa Coop


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